You should always  shop around and check prices .

If your not sure of the company your dealing with or have questions,  ask the person your thinking of doing business with and if you don't  get the  answer your looking for.  Keep Shopping. 

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Bats  Cats  Rats  Mice  Birds  Snakes  Chipmunks  Squirrels  Flying Squirrels  Racoons  Opossums Groundhogs  and many more...........

We understand when you have a problem and need help, you need help now, even at 3 O'clock in the morning.  We are here to help you NOW.  Don't wait until normal business hours to call.  Pick up the telephone and   CALL US RIGHT NOW ​                         330 - 773 - 6789 

Chipmunk Removal

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How long have we been in Business ?    ***  Over  30  Years ***

Prior to working with wildlife, we owned and operated a Pest Control Company, so we have been around.


​330 - 773 - 6789​​.

Opossum Removal

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We DO Not   do any free rescues or take in stray or domesticated animals.   Please call ODNR for help.

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​Licensed by the State of Ohio

Serving Akron, Summit County ​and Adjoining Counties

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It is our mission to provide affordable, professional animal removal services to residential & commercial customers. We offer custom animal control solutions for almost any type of wildlife problem. A colony of bats living in a building? Noises of squirrels running through the attic? Problems with raccoons and their destructive behavior? We have the tools and experience to quickly and professionally solve your problem.

Please feel free to look around our website for answers to any questions you may have, if you don’t find the answers you’re looking for on our site or you can’t find a species of wildlife listed in our wildlife section that is causing your problem please contact us. We have too many services to list online.


• What species of animal do you remove?
Answer: Most all nuisance wildlife species including birds and bats, if you have questions about a species please give us a call.

• What services do you offer?
Answer: We offer many different services including customizable services to your specific needs, and contract services for major infestations or major removal jobs.  If you need repairs, we will be glad to refer you to a Legally Licensed Construction Company that can do that type of service.

• Do you remove dead animals?
Answer: Yes, we remove dead animals and also perform odor control.

• Do you humanly remove animals?
Answer: Yes...  But please be advised that we must comply with the laws set forth by the Division of Wildlife. 

• How much does your service cost?
Answer:  We will be glad to quote you a price over the telephone.  Keep in mind that we try to maintain the same price both day and night, and we 

don't try to take advantage of you regardless of your  location or if it is a Home or Business or a Weekend or Holiday. 

               ​How Do I Know I Have A Wildlife Problem?

                    Live animals seen on property.
                                 Strange noises coming from your attic, chimney or walls.
                                 Fecal droppings, urine or other excretement on the property.
                              Evidence of tunnels or mounds in flower beds, lawn or landscaped areas.
                  Small diviots in lawns or flower beds.
              Sudden vegetation death.

Squirrel Removal

Licensed by the Division of Wildlife

We Remove Many Different Types Of Animals

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We offer fair and low competitive prices and we normally are lower than most any company you may contact. 

Sorry, but we do not take in stray animals or remove animals for free. Please contact the Humane Society for that.