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Wildlife Control

Wildlife control and damage mitigation often involve hazards such as working in cramped, hot and enclosed spaces. In addition, the target animals can present potential hazards such as biting, scratching, and the risk of being exposed to wildlife (zoonotic) diseases.

The law in all states requires humane treatment of wildlife. This includes humane care of wildlife species if trapped or excluded from their habitat, nest, or den sites. If trapping is a part of the overall wildlife control program, the animal must have both food and water available when in the trap.  

Animal Removal 

Animal removal of wildlife animals is a situation that normally requires professional animal removal. Anytime Wildlife Removal experts can help to remove any wildlife animal from any situation. We offer both residential wildlife animal removal and commercial wildlife animal removal services. Call Us right away when you are in need.


Raccoons frequently enter buildings, attics, and chimneys. Female raccoons may breach attic screens or roof vents to gain entry to establish dens to bear young. Limit access to rooftops by removing overhanging branches. Prevent climbing on outbuildings by wrapping and nailing sheets of slick metal at least 3 feet square around corners. Protect poultry houses by securing doors and covering windows with wire mesh. Exclude from chimneys by securely fastening a commercial cap of sheet metal and heavy screen over the top of the chimney. 

Bat Removal

 Our Licensed wildlife specialists and animal removal experts specialize in bat removal services, including humane bat removal and bat handling, bat removal trapping, bat removal netting and bat removal proofing. With the health risks that are sometimes associated with bat removal, it is important that you look to professional bat removal specialists to eliminate your bat problems. They bite. 
Bats tend to enter homes or businesses through open windows or unscreened fireplaces, leaving you with bat removal problems. The professionals at  Anytime Wildlife Removal can help! Using only humane animal removal and environmentally responsible techniques.

Carcass Removal

When an animal enters and dies in your home, it is important that experts remove the carcass as soon as possible. The first thing you will notice when an animal has died in your home is the odor. As the animal decays, the stench becomes more and more unbearable. However, odor is not the only concern when animal carcasses are present in your home. Oftentimes when we remove dead animals, they are covered in maggots, ticks and other creatures, which can bring disease into your home.

Anytime Wildlife Removal Specialties:

Humane wildlife removal, trapping, eviction and exclusion.
State Licensed 
Removal and exclusion of: Birds, Bats, Coyotes, Feral Cats, Opossums, Raccoons,  Squirrels and Rats.
Dead wildlife removal.  We will even remove dead pets if needed. 
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